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Trunk or Treat was so much fun!

Homecoming Parade 2019 - Hollywood Through the Ages

Multiplication with M&Ms

Mrs. Cain's class built arrays with M&Ms. Yum!

More Teacakes!

Mr. Laminack we love your book and grandma's teacakes!

Mrs. Fuller's Third Grade Class

Start with Hello Week

Solar Ovens

Mrs. Fuller's third grade class is studying heat.

Physcial and Chemical Change

5th Grade

Bus Safety Video

Saturdays and Teacakes

Mrs. Bartlett and Mrs. Sargent

These fifth grade classes made teacakes and tomato sandwiches like the character in the book.

Active Parenting logo

Active Parenting Online Video Library – Now Available to MCES Parents!

It the full-time job that we don’t get paid for: raising children. But being a great parent doesn’t have to be a stressful part of your life anymore. Active Parenting offers tools to help you become a more confident, happy, and successful parent!

Active Parenting is an organization that has offered parenting classes for years. For the first time, they are offering online classes! You can watch the classes anywhere and whenever it is most convenient.

This online class covers a diverse selection of parenting topics, including:

· the styles of parenting

· brain development in children

· using effective communication skills

· understanding why children misbehave, effective, nonviolent discipline, logical consequences

· the power of encouragement

· eliminating power struggles

· handling anger

· 7 smart things for school success

· AND… much more!

Contact Ellen Gann for your free access information.

Students studying owl pellets.


Mrs. Chambers' 4th grade class learned about food chains by studying owl pellets and classifying what the bird had eaten.

Students studying owl pellets
Students studying owl pellets
Students studying owl pellets

Fun with Ms. Frizzle at Homecoming Parade!

Students at homecoming parade
Bus decorated as Magic School Bus